General Tips About Workers Compensation

  • Save all documents sent to you by the insurance company and the Department of Labor.

  • Keep copies of everything you send to the insurance company and the Department of Labor.

  • Ask the insurance company in writing to send you copies of all medical records it obtains, or get copies of all the medical records yourself.

  • If you have injuries to more than one body part, make sure you tell your doctor and the insurance company as soon as you realize it.

  • Get a written explanation of every decision the insurance company makes, including:

    • Why it denied the claim

    • Why it is denying or refusing to pay a medical bill

    • How it came up with your Average Weekly Wage and your weekly benefit amount

    • Why it is terminating or lowering the temporary wage replacement benefit (TTD)

    • How it came up with the amount of permanency benefits (PPD)

  • Don’t sign anything unless you completely understand and agree with all the information on the paper you are signing.


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